miercuri, decembrie 16, 2015


Do you remember those times when being a child you went to kindergarten and you played with the same toys with another kid? And from that moment you always spent time together and playing the same games.

Soon after you went to school and in few weeks you found your place and two-three other people with the same interests. You shared your lunch pack and your homework, you skipped classes together and you visited each other’s houses.

You discovered high-school and some other people. Your horizons widened. Fears and hormones,expectations and unclear future followed. But you always had someone with you,someone who listened to you and was on your side.

University came and all those you met here claimed to be so mature. Either you stayed in a dormitory or in a rented flat you had around some people which partied with you or raised your morale when you failed your exams.

What about after all these? You were plunged into real life and you discovered so many roads that you did not know what to do or whom to trust, who can rely on and who you can call Friend.
Such an easy and simple word has a huge power for those which understand it. Many of those which are around you are just acquaintances and FRIEND does not apply to them.

You will notice that in a friendship relation it does not matter anything related to appearance or gender, marital status, religion or nationality. It matters just the fact that he/ she is there for you and you are there for him/ her.
Unfortunately, before discovering who are those very few people you can call friends, you will have to suffer, to be betrayed, to kneel down, to lose faith and only after that you will get the ability of seeing beyond surface, beyond the fact that your friend is from another country, that your friend chooses to believe in another god or to not believe at all or that your friend has other sexual orientation.
When all these things have lost the huge importance society gives them, then you will see what friendship really means. And it is hard to be described in words. I wish you can find true friends in this world and wherever they live they are always in your heart.

I dedicate these words to my few friends I have and I wish I can keep them forever.