miercuri, noiembrie 09, 2016

37 minutes of make believe - cronică de spectacol

Cu toții știți cam cum stă treaba cu arta contemporană. Eu știu mai multe din lumea literară decât din cea a dansului dar situația nu e foarte diferită, ergo reticența concetățenilor de a lua parte la spectacole de artă contemporană. Dar nu despre asta e articolul meu, ci despre aventura mea de a ajunge la 37 minutes of make believe și mai multe, despre aventura reprezentată de spectacolul de dans contemporan al Andreei Novac.

miercuri, decembrie 16, 2015


Do you remember those times when being a child you went to kindergarten and you played with the same toys with another kid? And from that moment you always spent time together and playing the same games.

Soon after you went to school and in few weeks you found your place and two-three other people with the same interests. You shared your lunch pack and your homework, you skipped classes together and you visited each other’s houses.

You discovered high-school and some other people. Your horizons widened. Fears and hormones,expectations and unclear future followed. But you always had someone with you,someone who listened to you and was on your side.

University came and all those you met here claimed to be so mature. Either you stayed in a dormitory or in a rented flat you had around some people which partied with you or raised your morale when you failed your exams.

What about after all these? You were plunged into real life and you discovered so many roads that you did not know what to do or whom to trust, who can rely on and who you can call Friend.
Such an easy and simple word has a huge power for those which understand it. Many of those which are around you are just acquaintances and FRIEND does not apply to them.

You will notice that in a friendship relation it does not matter anything related to appearance or gender, marital status, religion or nationality. It matters just the fact that he/ she is there for you and you are there for him/ her.
Unfortunately, before discovering who are those very few people you can call friends, you will have to suffer, to be betrayed, to kneel down, to lose faith and only after that you will get the ability of seeing beyond surface, beyond the fact that your friend is from another country, that your friend chooses to believe in another god or to not believe at all or that your friend has other sexual orientation.
When all these things have lost the huge importance society gives them, then you will see what friendship really means. And it is hard to be described in words. I wish you can find true friends in this world and wherever they live they are always in your heart.

I dedicate these words to my few friends I have and I wish I can keep them forever.

luni, noiembrie 16, 2015

How can you become more tolerant

How did I become more tolerant and more open mind? How this thing happened? How these things can happen to you too?

Two year ago I took a decision which changed my life. I signed up for a volunteering stage abroad. I had absolutely no clue what I am going to do there or how the things are going to sort out. And yet, I pushed myself towards unknown, towards uncertainty. Why did I do that? Just because I wanted to do something different for myself. I wanted to start a change in me. This is how my journey in the volunteering field started and this was the first step towards being a different me, a better me.

luni, ianuarie 06, 2014

Last year recap!

I didn't want to make any review for last year or something like that, but i changed my mind and anyway I didn't post here for a long time so why not?

This recap will be like a tag (and yeah, many of my answears will be related with my volunteering project in Poland)

1. The happiest memoy from 2013! 

I have lots of amazing memories with my friends from all over the world, here in Poland. It's hard to choose so I'll just say all these 6 months are a big happy memory!

2.  The saddest thing happened in 2013.

Many sad things also happened to me. I don't want to give details so I just say death.

3. The word which defines the best the year which past.

EXPERIENCE. Why? Because I had a lot of new experiences, I discovered many things, and also I discovered myself.

4. What wish cam true last year for you?

To travel abroad, to meet new cultures. You know what I am talking about!

5. What did you acomplish and you don't want to forget?

I learned a new language, polish, but I am afraid that after I go home I will lose my polish language skills.

6. How many books did you read last year?

According to Goodreads (all internet gods, bless this website) I read 63 books. With 3 more than I challenged myself.

7. The best book read in 2013.

It's very hard to choose so I will just say `Dune` even though I know that many other books also deserve the first place.

8. The author which impressed you the most?

I think I can say Joel Dicker. I loved the way he wrote his book.

9. The book which dissapointed you the most?

This is easy. The Catcher in the Ryeor maybe I had very high expectations.

10. The best film which you saw in 2013?

Sorry to dissapoint, but no best film in 2013. I didn't see to many films last year. The best TV-show?
Arrow for sure.

11. The best song discovered in 2013?

Ok, I am joking, but it's a funny one though :))

12. Do you regret something from last year?

Yes, the fact that I didn't take advantage from all the chances I had.

13. What did you learn from the last year experience?

I learned that I wasn't open-minded as I thought. At least now I know how to change that, and I am definitely doing it.

14. Bonus: write a wish for 2014.

I wish to still have the chance to do whatever I like!

luni, octombrie 21, 2013

Jurnal de Polonia #11

I was quite busy lately so my diary had to suffer because of this. Please accept my sincere apologize and let’s go on.
In these five weeks after the training I had a lot of work, fun and tiredness as well. I also learned new things about people which I am surrounded and about everything which can be done in EFM. To explain you I will just add my report prepared for the `monthly` meeting:
When I asked my mentor, Magda Dębska about my project I received a funny answer, now I see that it is very serious, something like: YOUR project is OUR project. The next two and a half months proved that the first explanation was the best one. If you wonder why, here is a list with the activities that I did: 
- Work in social help center: helping, assisting and encouraging elders to play bingo and to have few hours of fun.
- Work in green project, which basically means cleaning, painting and walking. 
- Office job: preparing invitations, envelops, folders, sending e-mails, printing etc
- Work in school: interacting with students, playing games, talking with them, presenting my country, encouraging them to use their English skills.
- Participating in Euroweek, firstly assisting and helping leaders in their activities, secondly preparing and holding presentations about my country and recently coordinating and leading workshops, games and any other activities related to euroweek. I have to add that, without offending any euroweek leader, Behiç is the best in this kind of things. Sometimes I wonder where he finds physical and psychological resources to work with children or teenagers every day, even when he is tired or he has problems.
- Leading and coordinating OKO magazine’s team.
- Dealing with logistic issues.
- Improving the City-game used for new volunteers or for youth-exchanges participants.
All in all I discovered that is a good thing to have the opportunity to try different activities. This way I can avoid boringness and routine.

Free time:
One of my goals coming here was to meet and know new and different people, to spend time with them and to build strong relationships. In order to do that I used my free time to visit them, to invite them in my flat, to talk, to share opinions, impressions and food.

Being for six months in Poland is also a great chance to discover the country so I traveled a little bit. I visited Wrocław two times and Warsaw one time, when I was in my on-arrival training, which, by the way, was a great time.

joi, septembrie 19, 2013

Jurnal de Polonia #10 - Training in Warsaw

Have I ever told you what made me want to send the application for EVS in Poland? Maybe I gave you some answers, but I assure you that those were not complete.
So here is my entire story. In the last weekend of July, in my city was a festival called “Nunta Zamfirei” (Zamfira’s Wedding). It is a festival that gathers participants every year from eleven countries plus Romania as host. Every team received a guide to show them the city and to help them with translation and everything else. In that moment I felt that I could be the one who could help them – I felt that I wanted to make a big change in my life.
Now all of you know that I did make a big change. I applied to this six month long EVS in Poland and I am doing something else, something exciting!
Between 8th and 15th of September I was sent by EFM to an On-Arrival Training in Poland’s capital City, Warsaw (Warszawa – pl, Varșovia – ro). I start my journey in the evening in Kłodzko and I arrived at 5.45 in the morning in Warsaw.
The entire thing was a little bit scary. I came from Romania and I needed some time to adapt in Poland. I had just found my place here when suddenly I had to face another challenge – new city, new people.
For those who know the things in Euroweek it’s easy to explain how my training was. It was some sort of a Euroweek for grown-up. We had games in the morning, workshops, discussions, walks, meetings, watched a presentation of Poland’s history and we had nights out. I learned a lot about myself and a lot about interacting with people. It was a full week, an exhausting week and also a week with a lot of new and interesting things.

Advice for those who will have to go into training: It’s ok to be scared because in the end results will be worth it; plus you can visit Warsaw almost for free.

Many thanks to Ben for improving the text.