joi, septembrie 19, 2013

Jurnal de Polonia #10 - Training in Warsaw

Have I ever told you what made me want to send the application for EVS in Poland? Maybe I gave you some answers, but I assure you that those were not complete.
So here is my entire story. In the last weekend of July, in my city was a festival called “Nunta Zamfirei” (Zamfira’s Wedding). It is a festival that gathers participants every year from eleven countries plus Romania as host. Every team received a guide to show them the city and to help them with translation and everything else. In that moment I felt that I could be the one who could help them – I felt that I wanted to make a big change in my life.
Now all of you know that I did make a big change. I applied to this six month long EVS in Poland and I am doing something else, something exciting!
Between 8th and 15th of September I was sent by EFM to an On-Arrival Training in Poland’s capital City, Warsaw (Warszawa – pl, Varșovia – ro). I start my journey in the evening in Kłodzko and I arrived at 5.45 in the morning in Warsaw.
The entire thing was a little bit scary. I came from Romania and I needed some time to adapt in Poland. I had just found my place here when suddenly I had to face another challenge – new city, new people.
For those who know the things in Euroweek it’s easy to explain how my training was. It was some sort of a Euroweek for grown-up. We had games in the morning, workshops, discussions, walks, meetings, watched a presentation of Poland’s history and we had nights out. I learned a lot about myself and a lot about interacting with people. It was a full week, an exhausting week and also a week with a lot of new and interesting things.

Advice for those who will have to go into training: It’s ok to be scared because in the end results will be worth it; plus you can visit Warsaw almost for free.

Many thanks to Ben for improving the text.