luni, octombrie 21, 2013

Jurnal de Polonia #11

I was quite busy lately so my diary had to suffer because of this. Please accept my sincere apologize and let’s go on.
In these five weeks after the training I had a lot of work, fun and tiredness as well. I also learned new things about people which I am surrounded and about everything which can be done in EFM. To explain you I will just add my report prepared for the `monthly` meeting:
When I asked my mentor, Magda Dębska about my project I received a funny answer, now I see that it is very serious, something like: YOUR project is OUR project. The next two and a half months proved that the first explanation was the best one. If you wonder why, here is a list with the activities that I did: 
- Work in social help center: helping, assisting and encouraging elders to play bingo and to have few hours of fun.
- Work in green project, which basically means cleaning, painting and walking. 
- Office job: preparing invitations, envelops, folders, sending e-mails, printing etc
- Work in school: interacting with students, playing games, talking with them, presenting my country, encouraging them to use their English skills.
- Participating in Euroweek, firstly assisting and helping leaders in their activities, secondly preparing and holding presentations about my country and recently coordinating and leading workshops, games and any other activities related to euroweek. I have to add that, without offending any euroweek leader, Behiç is the best in this kind of things. Sometimes I wonder where he finds physical and psychological resources to work with children or teenagers every day, even when he is tired or he has problems.
- Leading and coordinating OKO magazine’s team.
- Dealing with logistic issues.
- Improving the City-game used for new volunteers or for youth-exchanges participants.
All in all I discovered that is a good thing to have the opportunity to try different activities. This way I can avoid boringness and routine.

Free time:
One of my goals coming here was to meet and know new and different people, to spend time with them and to build strong relationships. In order to do that I used my free time to visit them, to invite them in my flat, to talk, to share opinions, impressions and food.

Being for six months in Poland is also a great chance to discover the country so I traveled a little bit. I visited Wrocław two times and Warsaw one time, when I was in my on-arrival training, which, by the way, was a great time.