luni, ianuarie 06, 2014

Last year recap!

I didn't want to make any review for last year or something like that, but i changed my mind and anyway I didn't post here for a long time so why not?

This recap will be like a tag (and yeah, many of my answears will be related with my volunteering project in Poland)

1. The happiest memoy from 2013! 

I have lots of amazing memories with my friends from all over the world, here in Poland. It's hard to choose so I'll just say all these 6 months are a big happy memory!

2.  The saddest thing happened in 2013.

Many sad things also happened to me. I don't want to give details so I just say death.

3. The word which defines the best the year which past.

EXPERIENCE. Why? Because I had a lot of new experiences, I discovered many things, and also I discovered myself.

4. What wish cam true last year for you?

To travel abroad, to meet new cultures. You know what I am talking about!

5. What did you acomplish and you don't want to forget?

I learned a new language, polish, but I am afraid that after I go home I will lose my polish language skills.

6. How many books did you read last year?

According to Goodreads (all internet gods, bless this website) I read 63 books. With 3 more than I challenged myself.

7. The best book read in 2013.

It's very hard to choose so I will just say `Dune` even though I know that many other books also deserve the first place.

8. The author which impressed you the most?

I think I can say Joel Dicker. I loved the way he wrote his book.

9. The book which dissapointed you the most?

This is easy. The Catcher in the Ryeor maybe I had very high expectations.

10. The best film which you saw in 2013?

Sorry to dissapoint, but no best film in 2013. I didn't see to many films last year. The best TV-show?
Arrow for sure.

11. The best song discovered in 2013?

Ok, I am joking, but it's a funny one though :))

12. Do you regret something from last year?

Yes, the fact that I didn't take advantage from all the chances I had.

13. What did you learn from the last year experience?

I learned that I wasn't open-minded as I thought. At least now I know how to change that, and I am definitely doing it.

14. Bonus: write a wish for 2014.

I wish to still have the chance to do whatever I like!